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Urban City Design is a full service landscape company serving the commercial and residential needs of its clients throughout the Greater Metro Houston area. We offer turnkey services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Houston. From projects small to large, we take care of every aspect of planning & design. We offer a wide range of competitively priced contractor services. Best of all, as a leader in landscape management, we can help you develop a program that will easily fit into your maintenance budget.

We’ll be glad to show you some of the work we’ve done for our clients, and provide you with local references that you can contact if you would like additional information on our professional work.

Urban City Design mission is to transform your landscape dream into a reality with creativity and integrity. Whether you desire a full renovation, small enhancements or seasonal color changes, Urban City Design services can reinvigorate your outside living space with creative and sensible landscaping solutions.

Designing a picture-perfect landscape with popular or traditional gardening trends makes enjoying your landscape easy. Your landscape should not only complement but should also reflect the lifestyle of your home and your creative taste. Together we will collaborate to most effectively utilize your space, creating a complete outdoor experience.


Image is critical to the value of your property. Our landscape design and installation team will increase your curb appeal and ensure those priceless first impressions are always met with smiles and approval. With emphasis on quality and reliability, we can help your property achieve and preserve the image you desire.

  • Commercial Design Services & Site Concepts
  • Common Area Pools & Water Features
  • Custom Paving, Patios & Walkways
  • Commercial Site Structures & Living Spaces
  • Landscape Construction & Renovation
  • Outdoor Illumination Services & Installation




Creating A Complete Outdoor Environment
How to Find a Qualified Houston Landscaping Company

Making your choice of a reliable, professional Houston landscaping company may feel at first like you’re wandering through a maze, but it can be a fairly straightforward process once you take a few first steps. An ideal place to begin your search is of course the internet and if you have never hired a landscaping company before, you’ll find this method will simplify the process. There are a number of sites that list certified landscaping companies and some larger companies may even have their own web page. You can also check the local phone directory, one of the most reliable ways of finding what you need.

A fairly safe way of locating a dependable Houston landscaping company might be word of mouth. You may have noticed your neighbor’s well groomed yard and can ask who does their yard work. Pay a visit to your local home improvement center or nursery. A reliable and popular landscaping company has probably developed a good reputation in the area and people will tell you how to find them. The landscaping architect in your city will also know of the most qualified landscaping companies. He will undoubtedly be glad to give you the information you need to find Houston landscaping company.

Land lovers, imagine fulfilling every aspect of your landscape design desires with an award-winning, full-service architectural landscaping firm, and you have Complete Landsculpture at your service. Pleasing Residential and Commercial clients in Houston allows us to pride ourselves in the professional, dependable and exceptional services combined with our valuable expertise and collaborative partnerships with our clients.

Serving the Houston City metro areas gives Urban City Design Landscaping a unique insight into creating and preserving resources essential to appreciating the luxuries of nature. Our Commercial and Residential services provide a wide range of opportunities for improving your landscape and the value of your property.

We offer comprehensive, innovative and creative solutions for all your outdoor needs – Creating a Complete Outdoor Experience.

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